Beginning Thoughts

Some of you may be wondering ‘why would she publish a website that is not 100% finished?’ My reasoning behind this is to allow everyone to see the evolution of what I am trying to create – a website and a new life for myself. Most people will publish their website when it is perfect but I want to show people that it takes time, effort and patience to create something new, whether it be a website or yourself.
My goal is for people to be able to come here and witness the process I am going through not only with my career but personally, in the hopes that people can realize they are not the only one that feels stuck in a rut and like they have no options to change what you are doing. Trust me…YOU HAVE OPTIONS! You are not stuck in that job you hate or that relationship that is unhealthy. There are options out there but if its one thing I have learnt so far is that 99% of the time, those options won’t come looking for you…you need to create them.