About Me

Hello everyone!   My name is Sara and there is no doubt that I am just an ordinary girl with a passion for travel. I grew up on a farm in northern Alberta, Canada and had only left the country once when I was 8 years old for a family trip to Disneyland…until I was 17. That is when I went overseas to London, England to visit my brother, who had moved there on a student work visa a few years prior. This trip changed me somehow but at the time I think I was still too young to know exactly how.

I did all the normal things…Graduate from high school and go to college to be a hairstylist. As I worked over the next couple years, I saved my money and went back to London to once again visit my brother. This time I went for a couple months. I still remember taking the EuroStar from London to Paris (this would be my first trip completely alone) and how nervous I was. I don’t speak French and I had no idea where I was going. But, at the end of that weekend get-a-way, all those nerves had disappeared and I was hooked! As soon as I got back to London, I booked 2 weeks in Italy to explore the cities of Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome. After that, a week in the south of Portugal.

Skip ahead to now and I have added over 30 more countries to my passports and countless memories. What I have learned traveling (mostly on my own) can not be taught in a classroom or through reading books. I have learned more about countries, their unique histories, cultures and basic human interaction then I ever thought I would. And not to mention more about myself and what I am capable of. Every time I travel, I feel like I grow as a person. And that, to me, is more valuable than what can ever be taught in a classroom or working behind a desk.