Having The Stars Finally Align

It might sound crazy but I am going into this move with no real plan. All I know is that when I made the decision to move overseas, everything kind of fell into place, which never seems to happen to me in life. Now it does help that my brother already lives and is well established in London and I am able to stay with him for a few weeks until I find a job and get a little settled, but that a friend who also lives there was looking for a flatmate. Accommodation SORTED! The next thing I would need to do is find someone to take over my lease in my apartment in Calgary. It was getting down to the wire with only a week left in the month and I won’t lie, I was starting to worry. I really did not want to have to pay out the remaining 4 months on my lease. But I kept telling myself that it would all work out. Everything else about this decision has worked out and this will too. I started to think that if I couldn’t find someone for October 1st, that I could at least find someone for November 1st and I would only have to pay 1 months rent. But with only a few days left, someone contacted me and was looking for a place for October! Problem solved!

It’s funny when things start working out for you, you think ‘why was I fighting this for so long?’  For years I had wanted to live overseas, but when I was in Europe on vacation, I would come back to Canada for one reason or another and often think ‘why did I come back?’ I didn’t own a house or a car, I don’t have kids, my family doesn’t live in the same city as me and my job as a hairstylist at the time was transferable around the world. For some reason I always felt a little out of place in Calgary and I felt that things were always a bit of a struggle for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing people in my life but I always felt there was something else out there for me. Sounds crazy but I have even had other people tell me the same thing. So now, here I am, I made this choice to move overseas and see what happens. To be honest, I don’t know what will happen. All I know is, I have to go and find out and it feels right. Of course I am nervous, but not once have I freaked out and thought ‘I change my mind. I’m not going anymore’.

Stay tuned for my next  blog about my adventures in Victoria (where I currently am) and then back to snowy Calgary before I explore the east coast of Canada for a few days…

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